Diablo Highway® Forensic Science Lab Activity – Student Purchased License


This purchase will provide one student license to use the Diablo Highway™ forensic science lab activity. A teacher code (provided by your teacher) is required in order to purchase this license. Within 24 business hours of your completed purchase, you will receive via email your login credentials to Diablo Highway™.

This transaction is intended to provide access for students who are required to purchase their own license.

If you would like to purchase a license to Diablo Highway™ as a teacher which includes a number of accounts that you can assign to your students, go here.


This information will be used for the Diablo Highway™ License

Email Address

The email address to be used for the Diablo Highway™ license

Diablo Highway™ Teacher Code

This code is provided by your teacher and is needed to link this account to their class

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